Kremenets district, Ternopil region

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Katerynivka (ukr. Катеринівка), the village in Ternopil region. In the 19th - early 20th centuries - in the province of Galicia in Austria-Hungary. In 1919–39 - as part of Poland, in 1939–91 - the Ukrainian SSR. Until 1944 - township Katerburg (Катербург).

According to the audit of 1847, “Katerburg Jewish Society" consisted of 1465 people.
The amount of the Jewish residents was 693 in 1897 (66,9%, total population 1035), and its figure dropped to 384 people (45,7% of the total population) in 1921.

In June 1941, the Wehrmacht troops occupied the village. The Jewish community of Katerynivka was deported to the Lanivtsi ghetto. In August 1942, they were executed there.
Jewish cemetery in Katerynivka, 2019
Jewish cemetery in Katerynivka, 2019
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