Kamin-Kashyrskyy district, Volyn region

- Jewish encyclopedia of Brockhaus & Efron
- The All South-Western Territory: reference and address book of the Kyiv, Podolsk and Volyn provinces. Printing house L.M. Fish and P.E. Wolfson, 1913.
Little is known about the Jewish community of Stobykhva.
According to the census of 1847, Jewish society consisted of 213 people.
In 1897, the Jewish population numbered 492 - 40,5% of total population.

In 1913, the Jews owned all 6 grocery shops in Stobykhva.
Zemsky (Institute of Local Government) doctor was the Jewish Sarah Nemaya. This is very interesting, because women at that time rarely held the position of a doctor.

Also, the Jew Zus Nemirovsky rented the only mill in the township.

During WWI, more than 100 Jews left Stobykhva.
Stobykhva in the 1913 reference book
Stobykhva in the 1913 reference book
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