Zolotyi Potik

Chortkiv district, Ternopil region

- Eugene Shnaider
- Українські Архітектурні Пам'ятки. Золотий Потік
- The Center for Jewish Art. Zolotyi Potik
Zolotyi Potik (ukr. Золотий Потік), the village in Ternopil region. In the 19th - early 20th centuries - in the province of Galicia in Austria-Hungary. In 1919–39 - as part of Poland, in 1939–91 - the Ukrainian SSR.

In 1765, 335 Jews lived in Zolotyi Potik,
in 1880 - already 1247 (39.7% of the total population),
in 1921 - 895 Jews (28.2%).

The first mention of Jews in Zolotyi Potik dates back to 1635 in the 17th century. A significant number of Jews-crafts (tailors, shoemakers, etc.) lived in Zolotyi Potik. From the beginning 18th century there was an independent community.

In 1851–59, the Hasidic court of Dovid-Moshe Friedman was in Zolotyi Potik (since 1859 - Chortkiv Tsadik).

In 1914-1920 many Jews left Zolotyi Potik.

In the interwar period, different Zionist organizations were active in the town.

On July 10, 1941, troops of the Wehrmacht occupied the township. Judenrat was created. In the autumn of 1942, Jews of Zolotyi Potik were deported to Buchach.
Castle of Stefan Pototski, built in 17 cent.
Castle of Stefan Pototski, built in 17 cent.
During one of reconstruction of the castle, the tombstones of the Jewish cemetery were used as a building material for stairs.
Stairs in palace
Stairs in palace
In the village, the beautiful Matsevi in the Jewish cemetery has been preserved, but most of the tombstones are broken
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