Ternopil district, Ternopil region

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Old Jewisn cemetery, 2019
Old Jewisn cemetery, 2019
Zolotnyky (ukr. Золотники), the village in Ternopil region. In the 19th - early 20th centuries - in the province of Galicia in Austria-Hungary. In 1919–39 - as part of Poland, in 1939–91 - the Ukrainian SSR.

In 1890, 225 Jews lived in Zolotnyky (11.5%),
in 1921 - 114 Jews (5.3%).

The first mention of Jews in Zolotnyky dates back to 1533. In the 16th century Jews in Zolotnyky belonged to about 50% of trading houses, shops, taverns.

After the entry into Austria, the economic situation of the Jews worsened sharply; many Jewish families moved to other cities.

In 1916, 4 Jews from Zolotnyky were evicted to Ternopol.

Rabbi of Zolotnyky in the 19th century was Fishl Malakh, in the 1920s. - Zvi-Girsh Schwartz, in the 1930s -Menajem-Mendl Mund.

In the 1920-30s in Zolotnyky there were branches of various Jewish parties and organizations.
Many Jews of Zolotnyky left for other countries.

The Jewish population of Zolotnyky was destroyed during the Shoah.
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