Kremenets district, Ternopil region

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Old Jewisn cemetery, 2019
Old Jewisn cemetery, 2019
New Jewisn cemetery, 2019
New Jewisn cemetery, 2019
Vyshhorodok - a village in Ternopil region. Known since 1481. Since 1795 - in Russian Empire, a township of Kremenets district of Volyn province. In 1919–39 - in the Volyn Voivodeship as part of Poland, in 1939–91 - as part of Ukrainian SSR.

In 1847, 1018 Jews lived in Vyshhorodok,
in 1897 - 1078 (49.7%),
in 1921 - 944 Jews (96.7 %)

In 1863, several synagogues operated.
The Jews of Vyshhorodok were followers Hasidism, mostly of Trysk Hasidic Courtyard.

Many Jews fled during the WWI and returned to Vyshhorodok after the end of the war.

In December 1917, a pogrom happened in the town.

In the 1920s, 4 synagogues operated.
In the 1920-30s, Meir Frenkel served as a rabbi.

The first Zionist organization was established in the 1910s.
In the 1920s, a Tarbut school functioned in the town.
In the 1920-30s, the Jewish parties and organizations operated. The Jewish Youth movements were represented by Ha-Shomer Ha-Tzair, Ha-Halutz and Beitar. Ha-Halutz assisted its participants to immigrate to Mandatory Palestine.

On March 16, 1942, the Jews of Vyshhorodok were isolated in the Vyshnivets ghetto. On August 11, 1942, all the prisoners were executed during the ghetto liquidation.
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