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Jewish cemetery in Kozliv, 2019
Jewish cemetery in Kozliv, 2019
Kozliv (ukr. Козлів) - a former township (shtetl) in Galicia.

64 Jews resided in Kozliv in 1765.

The Jewish community emerged in the late 18th century.
The Jewish population reached 1,247 (30,6% of the total population) in 1880.

In 1900 - 1279 Jews (4899 of the total population).
At the beginning XX century there was a school existed at the funds of Baron Hirsch.

Emigration of young people to Argentina and the U.S. after WWI reduced Jewish population to 715 people (17,8% of the total population) by 1921. By these days, local Jews were mostly engaged in agriculture and craft.

Several Beit-Midrash institutions, a synagogue and prayer houses of Husyatyn and Rogatin hasidic dynasties existed in the town.

In 1928, the Zionist groups Gordonia, HaRevizionistim and Ahava were in operation.

In September 1942, all the Jews of Kozliv were deported to the Belzec death camp.
Synagogue in Kozliv, postcard beg. 20th century
Synagogue in Kozliv, postcard beg. 20th century
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