Chortkiv district, Ternopil region

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-  Hryhoriy Arshynov, European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative. Published by Center for Jewish art

Jewish cemetery in Kasperivtsi, 2019
Jewish cemetery in Kasperivtsi, 2019
Founded in 1619. In the 17-18 centuries - in Podolsk Voivodeship as part of the Poland. In 19 - beg. 20 century - in province of Galicia in Austria-Hungary. In 1919–39 - in the Tarnopol Voivodeship as part of Poland, in 1939–91 - as part of the Ukrainian SSR.

Jews lived in Kasperivtsi from the 17th century. There were several shops and a steam mill in the possession of the Jews.
In 1662 in Kasperivtsi lived 20 Jews

During the “Khmelnitchina”, the Jewish community of Kasperivtsi was ruined.

In 1681, 8 Jews-householders lived in the Kasperivtsi district.

In the 18th century most Jews moved to Zaleschiki.

In 1921 in Kasperivtsi lived approx. 100 Jews,

The Jewish population of Kasperivtsi was destroyed during the Holocaust.
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