Staryy Dobrotvir

Chervonohrad district, Lviv region

Neo -Gothic Church of St. Stanislav, erected in 1912
Neo -Gothic Church of St. Stanislav, erected in 1912
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Staryy Dobrotvir - the village in Lviv region. Known from 1485. In 19 - beginning of 20th century - in the province of Galicia in Austria-Hungary. In 1919–39 - as part of Poland, in 1939–91 - the Ukrainian SSR.

Until the 1950s, the township was called the Dobrotvir. In 1951, a power station was built nearby, and near it was a settlement, which also received the name of Dobrotvir (now - the village of urban type Dobrotvir). The former township turned into a village with the name Staryy (Old) Dobrotvir.

In 1880, 379 Jews lived in Dobrotvir (13%),
in 1900 - 383 (11.6%),
in 1921 - 216 Jews (7%).

Jews lived in Dobrotvir since 2nd half of 16th century.
In 1564 in Dobrotvir there were miller and a butcher - Jews.

In 1579, Jews owned 2 houses.
In 1820s in Dobrotvir a community was created, there were a synagogue and a cemetery.
In 1830-70s rabbi in Dobrotvir was Yosef Itshok Katz, from 1886 - Itshok Aizik Raver.

In the 1920-30s, the local branches of different Zionist organizations were active.

In autumn 1942, the Jewish population of Staryy Dobrotvir was executed.
Jewish cemetery was destroyed.
Jewish Religious community of Zhmerinka
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