Zolochiv district, Lviv region

Matsevot from cemetery, 2019
Matsevot from cemetery, 2019
- Jewish Cemeteries Initiative. Sokolivka Jewish Cemetery

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Sokołowka (ukr. Sokolivka, Соколівка) - village in Lviv region. During the Second Polish Republic, Sokołowka was the seat of the village commune of Sokołowka in the Zloczow poviat in the Tarnopolskie Voivodeship. In 1921 it had 2569 inhabitants

Jews are first mentioned in 1629.
The local Jewish community was subordinated to Brody Kehila, but in the first half of the 18th century, it became independent.

In 1880, 983 Jews resided in the village (45,3% of the total population).

Through the internal and external migration in the late 19th century, the Jewish population reduced to 756 (28,78% of the total population) by 1900.

The declination of the Jewish population kept on in the period of the WWI and fell to 460 (17,9% of the total population) in 1921.

The Zionist organisations became active in the period after WWI.

In July 1941, the Wehrmacht occupied Sokolivka.
In November 1942, Jews were deported to the ghettos of Zloczow and Brody.

Jewish cemetery was demolished. The cemetery site is a cultivated land now. There is a fragment of a gravestone in the private yard of the neighbouring house.
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