Nove Misto

Sambir district, Lviv region

Town Hall in Nove Misto, 2010
Town Hall in Nove Misto, 2010
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Nove Misto (New Town, ukr. Нове Місто), a village in Lviv region. It is known since 1361.
In the 16-18 centuries - town of Vislitsky district of the Sandomir Voivodeship as part of the Commonwealth. In 19 - beginning 20th century - town Nove Myasto in Dobromil district of Galicia as part of Austria-Hungary. In 1919–39 - as part of Poland, in 1939–91 - in Ukrainian SSR.

In 1765, 1536 Jews lived in Nove Misto and the surroundings,
in 1880 in Nove Misto - 356 (39%),
in 1900 - 314 (36%),
in 1910 - approx. 400,
in 1921 - 259 Jews (32.3%).

The first mention of the Jews in Nove Misto dates back to 1634. At the time of Khmelnitsky war, the community suffered from pogroms and robberies.

In the 19th century most Jews og Nove Misto were engaged in small trade and renovation, the rest -crafts and agriculture.

Since 1870s until 1896, rabbi in Nove Misto was Sholom Julilas, in 1911–16 - Jehoshua Viderkerer, in 1920-30s - Menacham-Mendl Eger.

In 1910 there were 2 synagogues.

In 1920-30s branches of various Jewish parties and organizations acted.

After the occupation by troops of Wehrmacht on July 10, 1941, 39 Jews were shot.
The rest of the Jews in 1942 were deported to the Staryy Sambir, from there to the Belzhets death camp.
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