Jewish cemetery in Khotymyr, 2019
Jewish cemetery in Khotymyr, 2019
- Холокост на территории СССР: Энциклопедия / Гл. ред. И. А. Альтман. - М.: Российская политическая энциклопедия (РОССПЭН): Научно-просветительный Центр «Холокост», 2009

- European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative. Published by Center for Jewish art

Ivano-Frankivsk district, Ivano-Frankivsk region

The village in the Ivano -Frakivsk region, until 1919 - a township.
The first written mention of the village was recorded under 1443.
Until 1939 - as part of Poland, then - the Ukrainian SSR.

In 1939, 160 Jews lived (5.2% of the total population).
In 1942, all Jews from Khotymyr were evicted to Tlumach, where they were killed.
Jewish Religious community of Zhmerinka
Ukraine, 23100, alley Khlibniy, 2
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